About Our Church

Our Vision

The vision of this group is growing every year.. Delivering smiles by giving with our own hand.

every dollar you and others donate; or we foundraise is going directly  to kids.

On our group no one ever get paid for travel costs, food, staying or time we invest in this journey. 

Our Mission

Bring hope, joy, happiness and any thing that  kids deserve.

Touch hearts to give back to this small peoples.

Our Com​munity​

In our community we believe  that a small thing we give, can make a huge change to those who receive.

Who form our group.

Iglesia Cristiana Maranatha in Oakland

iglesia Cristiana Maranatha in Guatemala

iglesia Cristiana El cordero in Guatemala

And others who joined us, like 

seattle Wasington, little rock,  and many others who give with all their hearts.